Rug Steam Cleaning

To remove certain stains and marks, bacteria, dust mites, carpet beetles, and other insects from your rugs, a rug steam cleaning service may be exactly what you need.

To deep clean your rugs for particular issues, you will need a professional rug cleaning company that offers steam cleaning services. You can get these amazing rug steam cleaning services from us anywhere in Brisbane.

We have an experienced, professional team who love to deliver amazing results and get the best outcome for your rug. We service the entire metropolitan area and offer a range of services that can freshen up your rug to a professional and hygienic standard. We can clean your rug in your home or we can take it away to our facility and deliver it back to you later.

Don't hesitate to get in touch with us today for a quote and to schedule a booking.

    Benefits You Get From Our Brisbane Rug Steam Cleaning Service

    ✓ All stains and marks treated
    ✓ Prolongs the life of your carpets
    ✓ We always vacuum your rugs
    ✓ Uses heat to fight bacteria
    ✓ Fast drying times

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    Professional Rug Cleaning Brisbane

    Rug Steam Cleaning Services

    This rug cleaning method can be very powerful when done right, but there's a time and a place to do it. Not every rug can handle steam cleaning, which is why we also offer dry cleaning services. Some materials can't handle too much heat or moisture, which are characteristics of steaming.

    The correct terminology for this method is 'hot water extraction', because hot water is shot into the rug and then extracted almost simultaneously. Steam is a by-product of hot water, and it doesn't play any part in the cleaning process at all.

    The cleaning solution combined with a professionally trained technician following our specialised system and using hot water extraction is what's going to get results.

    Our professionally trained technicians will know the best method to use based on your rugs material, condition, construction, and other factors.

    Our Professional Rug Cleaning Process

    Rug Steam Cleaning Brisbane

    Rug steam cleaning is an excellent method for keeping your carpet looking fresh and clean. It is also very popular with carpet cleaning service providers, but how exactly does steam cleaning work?

    The correct terminology for this method is ‘hot water extraction’ because the carpet cleaning wand shoots hot water into the carpet fibres and extracts it almost simultaneously.

    The steam that you see is just a by-product of the hot water that’s being used since hot water creates steam.

    The steam doesn’t actually do anything in regards to cleaning, and steam cleaning is just a name that has been derived from this process.

    That being said, certain types of fibres, stains, and dirt respond better to heat and water, so steam cleaning is the best cleaning method to use in certain circumstances.

    Brisbane Professional Rug Cleaning

    There are some types of rugs than can not and should not be steam cleaned. This is because of the materials and fibres used in their construction. They don’t respond well to heat or high levels of moisture. In this case, we can use the rug dry cleaning method as a very safe and effective alternative.

    Some types of stains can actually be set by the use of heat, so it needs to be avoided altogether. Professional Rug Cleaning Brisbane has the knowledge and expertise to differentiate between different types of rugs and fibres, so we know the best cleaning method to use. Contact us today to arrange a booking so we can freshen up your rug with our amazing service.

    Get Your Rug Steam Cleaned

    We will be happy to clean your rug to a professional and hygienic standard while treating all stains and marks. Our team of highly trained technicians love to deliver amazing results to our loyal and new clientele.

    There are many benefits to enjoy from steam cleaning rugs and we have the skills, knowledge, and expertise to freshen up your rug and make it look amazing.

    Rug Steam Cleaning

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