Odour Removal

Removing odours from your rugs and carpets is important not only to improve the smell of the room, but for health as well.

Bad odours mean that there are bacteria present to cause it, and the source needs to be treated in order to remove it.

Deodorisers can only mask smells if the source doesn't get removed. Our odour removal treatment targets bacteria and odour-causing elements at a microbial level. This means that our process gets to the source of the odours so that they can be removed.

The longer that an odour-causing element has been present in the fibres, the stronger and harder it can be to treat.

This is why you need to contact us as soon as possible when you have a spillage so that odour-causing elements can be treated before they get to an unbearable level for you.

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    Odour Removal Service

    If you are a person with a very delicate nose, a dirty carpet with unpleasant odours at home may be a nightmare for you. You have to avoid allergies with rug cleaning services that will remove those bad smells. You can have a full service where the source is treated for the best chances of removal.

    Our professionally trained rug cleaning technicians can treat any odour that your rugs or carpeting may have. No matter if it was caused by blood, urine, vomit, faeces, food, drink, and other nasty surprises, we have the best process to get the job done.

    The longer that stains are left on your rugs, the more time they have to get bacteria and other contaminants. This can cause odours to become extremely unpleasant and if there is mould then that could potentially cause permanent damage to the fibres or backing.

    You need to act fast as soon as a spillage has occurred so that it can be removed right away. Even if you think you cleaned it up yourself really well, there could still be residue present that could get bacteria and then you end up with strong odours later.

    This is why professional rug cleaning is so important from the beginning so you can avoid many potential problems later.

    Our Professional Rug Cleaning Process

    Get Rid of Nasty Smells For Good!

    Our services will go anywhere in Brisbane to clean, sanitise, and deodorise your rugs with professional odour removal solutions.

    Our expert technicians have all the knowledge and training needed to get the job done and deliver you a high-level service.

    We will come to any suburb in Brisbane and we can treat your rug onsite in your home or take it away to our facility for cleaning.

    Simply get in touch with us to arrange a quote and schedule a booking and we will be happy to clean your rugs.

    Odour Removal

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