Urine Treatment

Rugs and pets often don’t go well together because of the hair they leave in the area or even those annoying urine stains. To remove the unpleasant smell of pet urine on your carpet, you will need to use a rug cleaning service that offers urine treatment.

You may not be familiar with this treatment because it’s a specialised process that should be left to the experts at Professional Rug Cleaning. If you do a bad procedure to eliminate the urine or apply the wrong cleaning product, you could end up causing more damage than before.

If your dog or cat has urinated on your rug, the best thing you can do is soak up as much of the liquid as possible. Do not rub or move the liquid around and simply use towels to soak up as much as you can.

After this, you can apply a cool, neutral detergent solution to try and stop the ammonia from causing a yellow stain. Then, get in touch with us so we can apply a specialised urine treatment designed to destroy the uric acid and crystals so that the treatment will be effective.

    Benefits You Get From Our Brisbane Urine Carpet Cleaning Service

    ✓ All stains and marks treated
    ✓ Prolongs the life of your rugs
    ✓ Targets source of odours
    ✓ Fights uric acid and crystals
    ✓ Hygienic and sanitary clean

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    Rug & Carpet Urine Treatment Service

    Urine treatment is a delicate rug cleaning method that should only be performed by trained technicians. It’s one of those things that is very easy to do wrong and cause permanent damage.

    Quite often, someone will get an over-the-counter cleaning product that is either too strong and causes bleaching or they use too much and it causes water damage.

    The urine stain can also quickly turn from an acid to an alkaline, which will then alter the correct cleaning process for removal and decontamination. Urine components have the ability to stain (dye) and/or bleach (discolour) fibres very quickly so prompt action is a must.

    Some urine stains, particularly on woollen carpeting, will permanently damage the fibres due to the natural properties of wool being highly absorbent. Even with very fast treatment, there's still a chance that the damage caused can be permanent but may however be able to be improved with our services.

    When your pet urinates on the carpet, all that trapped moisture can emit a bad smell in your home. If you let the problem worsen, you may not be able to eliminate the smell without odour removal services and the stain will more than likely be permanent by now.

    This is why it's so important to act immediately as you become aware that a urine stain has occurred. 

    Urine Carpet Cleaning Treatment

    Urine carpet cleaning is a chore for many people and quite often it results in more damage being done. This is because people to try clean it themselves and often use store-bought products that contain high levels of oxidisation solutions and chemicals that can cause bleaching.

    Urine stains are among the most frustrating and destructive things to have on your carpet and rugs. When these spots are allowed to sit for too long, they become quite difficult to remove and can result in permanent stains. Luckily, there are some ways to effectively clean urine stains from your carpet and rugs.

    The ammonia in urine will cause carpets and rugs to become stained, but there are things you can do to prevent it from happening. Urine is generally made up of proteins and ammonia, so the urine treatment process needs to combat this.

    To clean urine stains from carpet, begin by blotting the urine away from the carpet. The goal is to soak up as much liquid as possible. You can use towels and cloths to soak up the liquid and run over the affected area with a vacuum cleaner to try and extract it from beneath the fibres. You can then contact a professional urine carpet cleaning service to treat your rugs. The uric crystals and acids need to be properly treated in order to prevent stains and odours and doing this as quickly as possible is essential.

    After an area of your rug or carpet has been affected by urine, immediately soak up as much of it as you can and contact us to come out and treat it. The faster all of this happens, the more likely that stains and odours can be prevented.

    Act Fast & Contact Us Now!

    Unfortunately, sometimes a pet can urinate during the night while everyone is asleep and the stain will then have a few hours to soak and start causing damage. Regardless, the uric crystals and acid still needs to be professionally treated and the stain may also be removed or improved.

    Also, don't use just any urine stain remover you find at the supermarket. These products contain oxidisers and in some cases can make your stain even worse than before and bleach it. Once the carpet fibres has been bleached, it can’t be reversed, and you will have a permanent mark there. Once you have removed as much liquid as you can from your carpet or rug, it’s best to contact us.

    Our professionally trained technicians service all of Brisbane and will be happy to help. We will come to any suburb to treat our rug and all you need to do is get in touch with us to schedule a booking.

    Urine Carpet Cleaning

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