Persian Rug Cleaning Brisbane

Our Oriental and Persian rug cleaning Brisbane service will come to you anywhere in this great city. We are the experts and specialise in cleaning these types of rugs. No matter if you have a Kilim or a Gabbeh, we know the best method to apply in order to get the best result.

Our experienced team has cleaned many Persian and Oriental rugs. We have seen so many different varieties and styles from hand-woven heirlooms to intricate patterns and designs. Because of this, our expert rug cleaners know exactly what to do for your rug so it can get the best possible clean.

Whether you need Turkish carpet cleaning or need a company that knows how to deal with cleaning Chinese silk rugs, we are the team for the job. We specialise in rug identification, spot and stain removal, and rug cleaning so get in touch with us today to arrange a booking.

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    Oriental and Persian Rug Cleaning

    Rugs don’t get much better in quality than Persian and Oriental style rugs. If you have one (or many), then you know there is nothing more important than properly maintaining it. These carpets have a very delicate surface that you have to take care of and protect from different factors. When you have a Persian rug, these factors can cause big problems which is why maintenance is so important. If you buy Persian or Oriental rugs, you wouldn't want to lose it because of a correctable problem.

    We clean all kinds of Oriental and Persian rugs in Brisbane so you can be sure that you’re dealing with the experts. We are experienced and have worked with a large variety of rug types from Chinese silk to massive area rugs that cover entire rooms. These are just some of the different types of rugs that we can clean effectively:


    Hand Knotted

    Chinese Silk
    Flat Weave


    Our Oriental and Persian rug cleaning service is ready to come to you and freshen up your rug. No matter if it has got a few stains or just needs a freshen up we are the experts for the job. We service the entire Brisbane metropolitan area and will arrange for a technician to come to where your rug is and either clean your rug in your home or take it away to our facility.

    How Does It Work?

    Our Persian and Oriental rug cleaning service follows a specialised process designed to get the best possible results. Our professionally trained technicians will be happy to clean your rugs in your home to the highest standard and leave them fresh and amazing. Let’s take a quick look at how we do this:

    Our expert will do a colourfast test to see if the dyes have been properly locked in. Some Oriental and Persian rugs are made with vegetable dyes and sometimes the dyes used aren’t locked in. This can cause dye bleed when exposed to moisture for too long and sometimes this can’t be corrected.

    Your rug will be dusted to dislodge dry particulate from the fibres. These types of rugs are generally quite thick and can hold a lot of debris so this step is essential for cleaning later.

    Vacuuming will be carried out at all ends of the Oriental or Persian carpet to remove more of the dirt before it gets cleaned.

    Stain treatments will be applied if your rug has any stains or marks. This will start to break them down for the removal process later.

    The cleaning process will now begin and our technicians will deep clean your rugs and get between every fibre. Fringe treatment is also included and they will be cleaned as well.

    Get Your Rugs Cleaned

    Professional Rug Cleaning loves to clean rugs, and yours will be no different. We service the entire Brisbane metropolitan area and will come to you in any suburb.

    Some people want their rugs cleaned in their home and dried on the same day while others are happy for us to take them away and bring them back a week or two later. It's your choice where your rugs get cleaned, and you just need to let us know your preference when you contact us for a quote.

    We can also apply fibre protection treatment if you want to increase the lifespan of your rug and increase its ability to fight potential stains and marks.

    Persian Rug Cleaning

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