Viscose Rug Cleaning

Our viscose rug cleaning Brisbane service will come to you anywhere in the Brisbane metropolitan area. Our expert viscose rug cleaners know how viscose fibres behave and react to moisture, so you can be sure that you’re dealing with the experienced professionals.

Viscose rugs require special care in order to maintain their looks and sometimes are one of the most expensive rugs that you can buy. There are many factors that affect the rug's life like temperature, humidity, moisture, seepage, sunlight, debris, and so on.

In order to keep the stains and dirt away from your home and keep the rug clean and free from any other contamination then you need the help of a professional rug cleaner. Contact Professional Rug Cleaning today to arrange a booking and discuss how we can clean your viscose rug and you can enjoy all the benefits of our amazing service.

    Come and get the Professional experience and find out why we are the best viscose rug cleaning Brisbane has to offer. We truly want to provide you with the best, so we have sourced cleaning solutions and suppliers who have the following certifications for themselves or some of their products:

    Woolsafe Approved
    Cleanseal Approved

    Viscose Rug Cleaning Brisbane

    Professional viscose rug cleaners can help you to maintain its appeal and keep them fresh looking for longer. There are several tricks of the trade in cleaning synthetic and viscose rugs, and the process needs to be heavily controlled the whole time due to how viscose fibres behave.

    The cleaning process is a thorough task and you need the assistance of a professional to finish the job correctly. So, if you want to keep your rug looking good for a long time then make sure that you contact professional viscose rug cleaners to handle it for you.

    We service the entire Brisbane area and will come to you in any suburb. Make a booking with us and you can enjoy all the benefits of our service and get your rug professionally and hygienically cleaned.

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    Viscose Rug Cleaning Brisbane

    Your Local Viscose Rug Cleaners

    Viscose rugs are unfortunately not good for areas that receive traffic. Their fibres are weak and easily show dirt and stains, making it a difficult rug to not only clean, but to maintain as well. They do not handle moisture and can easily brown or yellow from exposure. This is because viscose is made from natural wood cellulose, which is dissolved into a pulp and synthesised with chemicals, often petroleum, into a synthetic fibre.

    Viscose is known under many names including rayon, lyocell, modal, banana silk, bamboo silk, coconut silk, art silk (artificial silk), faux silk (fake silk), nitro silk, cupra, and bemberg.
    Here are some common traits of viscose that you should know:

    Durability: For many consumers, durability is a major factor in choosing a rug. If this is a major concern for you, then do not get a viscose rug.

    Stain Resistance: Considering the lack of durability that these types of rugs have, it's possibly no surprise they viscose rugs have extremely poor stain resistance.

    Moisture: Viscose rugs are amongst the weakest types of rugs and handle moisture very poorly. They can easily brown or yellow from light exposure and can get permanently damaged.

    Viscose is imitation silk, often sold at real silk prices, and it’s really not designed to be anything other than a decorative piece that never gets used. Some rugs will contain a percentage of viscose, while others will be all viscose.

    Rugs with a lower percentage of viscose can handle more moisture, but the cleaning process needs to be careful and measured regardless so that moisture can be controlled and the rug can be dried. If you have a viscose rug or a rug that contains viscose, contact us to discuss how we can clean it and arrange a booking with us. We could clean it and know how to clean a viscose rug.

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