Choosing The Best Outdoor Rugs

Outdoor rugs can instantly transform the atmosphere of any space, elevating an outdoor area with a pop of colour and texture. However, choosing the right kind of outdoor rug to match your alfresco décor scheme can be a challenge.

An outdoor rug's general life expectancy is around three to seven years, depending on air circulation, mould, and mildew exposure, as well as other weather and climate conditions.

With this in mind, consulting an experienced professional or expert is key in ensuring that you choose an optimal option for your unique setting and one that can be properly maintained with professional rug cleaning.

So, if you want to take your alfresco setup up a notch, accessorising with the perfect outdoor rug could be exactly what you need.

Best Outdoor Rugs

Common Materials Used

When looking for the best outdoor rug, you'll find that there are many materials to choose from - let's look at some of the most common ones used:


Nylon rugs provide a low-maintenance option for both indoor and outdoor use - made using thermoplastic, these rugs are perfect for high foot traffic areas. They can withstand UV rays - plus the added element of standing up to fading and showing nasty track marks where people walk. Further, nylon rugs won't shed and are easy to clean too.


Polypropylene has long been the material of choice for outdoor rugs, with its impressive ability to resist stains, mildew, chlorine, and mould. Not only are they functional but beautiful too - you can find them in different pile heights and vibrant colours that will transform any porch, patio, or beachfront cabana into a stunning oasis. The best part is that these rugs are incredibly low-maintenance; when they get a bit grimy, simply give it a rinse with the hose, and you're good to go!

Natural Fibres

Natural fibres offer an earthy, outdoor aesthetic to any space. Natural-fibre outdoor rugs in materials such as jute, sisal, or seagrass provide a warm and textured look that adds to the décor of your patio, porch, or deck. Other natural fibres include wool, cotton, and silk, but these are rarely if ever used for outdoor rugs.

However, we suggest that you avoid natural fibres in outdoor rugs because they do not handle exposure to moisture well at all. They are best used as a decorative piece and are not practical.

Getting The Best Outdoor Rugs

Characteristics of Outdoor Rugs

Outdoor rugs are about more than good looks - when chosen wisely, they can also be incredibly practical and hard-wearing. As mentioned, outdoor rugs come in synthetic materials which are highly resistant to weather conditions and UV rays - making them ideal for keeping vibrant for a long time.

Many outdoor rugs are also designed with fade-resistant technology and enough cushioning to make your feet feel like they're stepping on clouds. For best results, choose a rug made with high-quality materials that will provide excellent protection against the elements.

Finally, shoppers should also take into account how easy it is to clean the rug: regular vacuuming or simple spot cleaning can help keep your outdoor oasis looking fresh and beautiful no matter the season.

Outdoor Rug Placements and Styles

Outdoor rugs can do wonders for your patio, providing both style and function. Reach for an outdoor rug under a dining table or seating area to show off the space in addition to catching any crumbs. Alternatively, place the rug under a furniture grouping to define and protect the surface of your deck. Want even more use out of your outdoor rug? Try positioning it in a high-traffic area to help keep dirt outside. Outdoor rugs boast both practicality and style – make sure you find the perfect placement this summer.

Further, outdoor rugs are the ideal way to spruce up your outdoor space with colour and personality. With plenty of options, you can choose an outdoor rug to match your distinct aesthetic. Whether you like a coastal look, bohemian style, mid-century modern vibes, or farmhouse cottage charm, you'll find something perfect for your needs. If you prefer something more exotic, go for a global or Moroccan-style rug with beautiful ikat, geometric, and trellis patterns – any of these options will be sure to give any outdoor area a modern update.

When shopping for your perfect rug, keep in mind a few distinct designs: natural style, striped, geometric, abstract, and solid colour. These options cover every spectrum from neutral to bold - so you're sure to find something to make any space uniquely yours.

Natural-style rugs bring texture and earthiness into their space. Striped employs a classic yet modern take on pattern. Geometric shapes are perfect for eclectic vibes, meanwhile abstract designs can add an unexpected twist. For a timeless look, stick with solids such as teal or taupe that make the most impact with their hue alone. No matter your personal style preference, there is an option out there to help you achieve that dream outdoor hangout space.


Decorating your outdoor space no longer means sacrificing style and comfort! There's finally an easy and affordable way to make any area outside stand out. Outdoor rugs, ranging from bright and vibrant to sleek and neutral, are the perfect way to complete any outdoor area - not to mention, the variety in size and material ensures that you can design a look that is durable as well as visually appealing.

Whether you want something simple for your porch or a more elaborate design for your backyard patio, you'll be sure to find the ideal rug that meets both your budgetary needs and stylistic preferences from your local rug store. With outdoor rugs, sprucing up your outdoor space has never been easier!