The Best Rug Stores Brisbane Has To Offer

Are you thinking of effortlessly transforming your room? – GET A RUG! Rugs can enhance the style or hide any imperfections in your house. Since a lot of modern homes in Brisbane don't have carpeted floors, getting a rug or two for your house is a great decision!

Rugs can define a conversation area but make the room look serious and dark or lively and colourful. Do you have a corner in your house that looks dark and gloomy? Throw in a colourful rug, and you're good to go!

Rugs are also great sound diffusers and give you warmth and comfort. They provide a soft surface for kids to play around and are much easier to clean than carpets. Rugs also act as the biggest air filter in your house. It traps dust particles from the surrounding air and keeps the air clean.

Rug Stores Brisbane

There are many rug stores in Brisbane, so you won't have a problem visiting a store. However, you should visit the ones that match your taste. It can be daunting to visit multiple stores and not buy anything. Hence, here is a list of some of the best rug stores Brisbane has to offer.

With this in mind, consulting an experienced professional or expert is key in ensuring that you choose an optimal option for your unique setting and one that can be properly maintained with professional rug cleaning.

Choosing From The Best Rug Stores Brisbane Has To Offer

West End Co.

For those who love Persian, kilim, and tribal rugs, West End Rug is the top rug store for you. Owned by Daniel, who comes with many years of creativity, experience, and passion in the rug business, West End rug brings handpicked rugs from across the globe.

The store has different types of rugs, such as hand-woven or hand-knotted Oriental and Persian style rugs from countries like India, Iran, Afghanistan, Pakistan, and Iran. The store is dotted with bold prints and colourful patterns, giving it a distinct look from other rug stores in Brisbane.

Address: 2/7 Anthony Street, West End, Brisbane, QLD, 4101
Phone: 07 3846 2686

Designer Rugs

Designer Rugs is an Australian-based company that has been creating beautiful, handmade rugs since 1986. Founded by Yosi Tal and his team of Eli and Nurit, Designer Rugs provides custom-made designer rugs with meticulous attention to detail using the finest New Zealand wool available.

They have collaborated with renowned artists such as Catherine Martin, Akira Isogawa, and Dinosaur Designs across multiple fields, including fashion and interiors. Additionally, they were commissioned for projects like St Patrick's Cathedral in Melbourne for Pope's visit; four carpets at Parliament House during Queen Elizabeth II Bicentennial visit, and Carpets supplied to Embassies in Tokyo & Paris, etc. These projects established them as a design-led firm known the world over.

Looking ahead into 2023 onwards, Designer Rugs continues to strive for excellence in everything they do. From designing high-quality custom-made rugs for living rooms to working closely with architects and designers worldwide, we are passionate about pushing boundaries while remaining true to our core values of professionalism and quality.

Address: 154 Arthur St, Fortitude Valley QLD 4006
Phone: 07 3852 6433

Cyrus Rugs

Cyrus Rugs, Australia's largest independent rug retailer, founded by Cyrus Mollaian in 1988 on the Gold Coast, is a family-owned company that provides quality rugs and carpets at unbeatable prices.

With 33 years of experience under his belt and having already established an impressive business supplying royalty overseas, Mr. Mollaian quickly became well-respected for his knowledge within the industry upon arriving in Australia.

Customers are provided with expert service throughout their shopping journey as they find anything from traditional hand-knotted pieces or modern Oriental ones, and ones designed for bedrooms! And thanks also go out to local organizations who collaborate with them, ensuring great savings pass onto customers! It's all part of the Cyrus Rug experience.

Cyrus Rugs is dedicated to providing the best service and products possible, with 19 stores across Australia offering something for everyone regardless of budget or taste. They also offer synthetic rug materials such as nylon, acrylic, polyester, and polypropylene if that's what you prefer.

Address: Shop 6/261 New Cleveland Rd, Tingalpa, QLD 4173
Phone: 07 3890 2271


The DecoRug brand is one of the oldest in Australia and has catered to the needs of millions of customers in the country. They excel in bringing decorator rugs but also offer much more than just rugs. You can also find laminate floorings, wall-to-wall carpets, blinds, custom-made window shutters, and more!

It started as a small start-up in 1983 by Bill Gremos and has now grown to become a world-recognized brand that is owned and operated by the Gremos family. The store offers a multitude of rugs, from contemporary styles, Moroccan, and pet friendly rugs, olefin rugs, shaggy rugs, and more.

Address: Shop 7 Skygate Home And Life Centre, 30 The Cct, Brisbane Airport QLD 4008
Phone: 1300 708 283

Coco Republic

If you like a luxury, then getting your rug from Coco Republic is your best bet! Along with furniture and homewares, Coco Republic has an extensive range of elegant and exceptional rugs that is well-suited for any statement room in your house.

Their collection of rugs consists of different patterns, textures, and sizes suitable for both indoors and outdoors. The price of the rugs is in the higher range, but the quality and craftsmanship they come with are brilliant. They are also known to use some of the more delicate materials on the market such as cotton, silk, and viscose, so keep this in mind before you make a purchase.

The store will also have a cute onsite café where you experience how it feels to sit in a room full of Coco Republic's pieces.

Address: 400 Wickham Street, Brisbane, QLD, 4006
Phone: 1300 000 220

The Rug Establishment

For those who are environment conscious, getting a rug from The Rug Establishment is the way to go! The rugs are handmade using techniques passed down over centuries by rug makers. The rugs are masterfully knotted and carefully woven to increase the durability and quality of each rug.

The rugs are made using yarn sourced from countries such as Argentina and New Zealand. Good yarn is necessary when working with colours and dyes during rug making. The brand has specific criteria in their yarn choice and ensures they fulfil those requirements in making every rug. The brand also follows ethical practices in its production facilities, ensuring that its products are sustainable.

Address: Homemaker The Valley South, Ground 7B, 1058 Ann St, Fortitude Valley, QLD, 4006
Phone: 07 3257 4444

Hali Rugs

Hali rugs were formed in 1979 by the Hali family, and the family has been in this business for over four generations. The rugs are sourced from all corners of the globe to beautify Australian Homes. The store offers a range of rugs such as modern rugs, traditional, Persian, tribal, and more. The immense collection of different patterns and colours of rugs can be overwhelming when you visit the store.

They opened their flagship rug store in Brisbane in Fortitude Valley with many options, including traditional handmade rugs to choose from.

Address: 3/27 Doggett St Fortitude Valley, Brisbane, 4006
Phone: 07 3257 3535

James Leon Flooring & Rugs

James & Leon is a renowned brand in Australia, but they don't have a showroom currently. However, the brand's reputation in providing bespoke custom-made rugs makes it one of the most sought-after brands.

It is a luxurious brand that can customise rugs to suit your room size and aesthetics. They have a range of rugs in styles and patterns called Hamilton, Tuscany, and more. You can simply choose the carpet and the kind of cut you prefer and enquire online.

Address: They are located in South East Queensland and service Brisbane and other areas
Phone: 0428 000 407

The Best Rug Stores Brisbane Has Are Here

Rugs are statement pieces that can define the outlook of your rooms at home. Choosing elegant and elegant rugs using the best techniques is essential if you are looking at durability, because you may end up cleaning a rug at home yourself to keep it in pristine condition. This list contains some of the best rug stores Brisbane has to offer with a huge collection of incredible quality rugs, so you should be able to find something you like, even if the rugs going straight in your kitchen!

If you are unsure about visiting a store, you can always go to their website and scan their products. There are brands that even provide free samples on request. However, it is best to feel the fabric and choose a rug by going to one of the many Brisbane rug stores listed on this page.